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Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Dec 06, 2016

  • First impressions count - the outside of your house is the first thing that potential buyers will see, in winter front gardens and paths can look particularly drab. Make sure your front garden is neat and tidy. Paint shabby fences and any weathered walls, replace frost-bitten plants
  • Keep it warm - make sure that your home is well-heated while viewings are taking place. Allow time for the house to warm up. If you know you're going to be rushing home from work to oversee a viewing, it's a good idea to set the heating timer so it comes on an hour before the buyer arrives. Buyers will also be interested in how well the heating system works, so if you have a particularly cold room it could be worth ensuring it is better insulated during the winter chill.
  • Check your lights - another simple tip is to ensure your home is well lit. Buyers will be even more attuned to the mood of the house in winter, and without much sunshine to brighten things up it's important that you make sure all your bulbs are working to show off your home at its best. Turn the lights on in all rooms for the viewing.  
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